Child not obedient

Child not obedient In it case they will be expressed in extremes it stremit that sya to be with you, fights for independence.

Child not obedient and not difficult, he cannot simply think, that wants more strongly therefore as a result wants both that, and another with equal passion.

From here and inconsistent desires are small sha which does not want that it was taken on hands, but also does not want, that it was put on a floor.

The child who is between a cart growth of infancy and age when children are already able ho to dit, will alternately practice in the progress on to development of world around and to come back to mladenchesko mu to a state of dependence.

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Slightly The mouth is slightly opened.

Wide language to lick the top lip in the direction from top to down, as if pinching jam.


The mouth is slightly opened.

Slightly to put out wide tongue and to give it the form of a cup, having slightly bent side edges and a tip up language.

Language has to be at the level of an upper lip.

Such form language accepts when pronouncing a sound sh.

RULES OF PERFORMANCE OF EXERCISES The articulation gymnastics needs to be studied in front of the mirror.

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However than

However than How we could not pay to it attention?

Objyas neniye quite reasonable.

It is considered that, if otprav lyat the disobedient child in other place, where nothing will distract it neither books, nor a toy, ig ry and to insist on that he sat to an opreda there lenny amount of time, one minute for every year his lives, the child will understand the mistakes and will return reconciled and obedient.

However than more we thought of it and than more read, those less to us liked this method.

To us it zhtsya that a distance idea not new and not progressiv Nye, it only improved version of hundred swarm of practice to stand the whimsical child in the corner.

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It is important

It is important It very precisely reflects our internal spiritual nature.

It is important that the child happily passed a phase of unconditional love of mother when all his desires are met.

And these desires, by the way, are not connected with his any talents in any way.

In six months it is not necessary to think at all, whether to buy it Paganini's violin or any very expensive other musical instrument or to employ to it the dance teacher or choreography.

Its main need in that there was a safety and its hunger is satisfied.

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Statement All of them rely on use pravil for your case it is described in the heads devoted to formation these sounds.

At a high nb sounds h and shch will sound more fully, if the tip of language touches a nb closer to the top to cutters, almost at the bases.

Statement of a sound r In Russian the sound r is never said is rolling, and, on the contrary, sounds it is maleficiated and often odnoudarno.

Therefore it is not necessary to to bivatsya from the child of the strengthened vibration of a tip of language.

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